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2 Nights ago i accidentally tripped over my hdmi cable and it pulled out of my graphics card... now when i plug it in i just get flickering on screen.. black to brief picture.. black again.. picture etc. ive tried other hdmi cables but i get no picture at all on them. I cleaned out the card with a air compressor after it happened but nothing has worked... im really getting annoyed now because my pc is always hooked up to my tv and it is very irritating not being able to watch what i want etc, the card is ATI Radeon 5570 and i only got it on ebay a few months ago. The other ports, DVI and VGA are working fine but i need the hdmi port back. I tried using my dvi to hdmi cable but it doesnt carry sound to the tv.

Can anyone help me out?
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  1. Check to see if any of the pins inside the female hdmi connector on the GFX card are damaged. If not, try going to amd website and updating your drivers. For that card don't go above CCC 11.0 update, regardless of what anyone says. Any update higher than that is problably unstable. Also, make sure you have the card mounted in the pcie slot correctly by insuring all the pins line-up as you insert and snap it in place. Also, make sure it is securely fastened/grounded to the case/frame with proper screw-type fastener. I hope this helps. If not, you may need new gfx card. Good luck
  2. where can i get the older driver for it? the card is fastened and in properly... even bought a new hdmi cable today to test,, completely dead... also when i turn on the pc i dont even get the boot up screen appearing... but strangely i do get the boot up screen when i use ONE of my other hdmi cables... i tried doing a seperate windowss install but as soon as i get to the install screen from boot up , it starts flickering again... this is really driving me crazy because no pins seem to be out of place inside the connector... sighhh
  3. If you still have the install CD that came with your card then use those drivers for starters. After which, you can update as necessary at the AMD official site: http://www.amd.com/us/Pages/AMDHomePage.aspx

    If your not in the U.S, just replace the /us/ with your own country code.

    From what your telling me, it looks like it's definetely your gfx card.
    I've have the same problem with my HD5670 at one time.
    check your hdmi cables to make sure thier not the culprit by using the hdmi output on your MB instead of your gfx card.

    Also, try a after market hdmi equipped external dvd player such as; sony playstation 3/blu-ray player. Basically any hdmi equipped A/V device not attached to your computer. Also monitor your card in operation to diagnose any heat issues.
    Do this by opening Catalyst Control Center, look to the lower left of this app, click on performance, in the drop down menu click AMD Overdrive, look to the left of the results page and you should see your GPU temp and fan speed.
    Your GPU temp should never go above 60 degrees F. The higher the temp, the louder the fan attached to the cards gpu.

    Take the side panel off your case and look at the fan on your gfx card in operation if possible. Make sure it's not obstructed by cahed up dirt. If it is, you may have to remove the fan, clean and grease/oil the ball bearings. If not possible, replace the fan.

    This is how I've managed to keep my XFX HD 5670 in place for 2 years. As of this moment: 01/17/2013. I can run DMC 4 in DX9 at over 150 fps, averaging 135 fps/In DX10 I manage 100 + fps, averaging 89 fps. DMC 4 has a built-in program to test your gfx card. Accessible from the games home screen.

    If all of the above fails, save up for a new card. Good Luck, BuB.
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