Review my first build?

So I've been looking to build my first gaming rig, and my dad found this computer at his work, brand new:

These are the new parts I would buy:
Graphics Card:
PSU: PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 EPS12V 750W EPS12V Power Supply

So I would just be keeping the optical drive, case, and hard drive from the original computer. Are there any suggestions for change? Also will the graphics card fit in that case?

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  1. Links are dead.

    Case won't work. It uses a custom size and shape motherboard. Also, its mounted on the wrong side of the case so any new motherboard will not work.
  2. Fixed it, sorry about that :P
    Okay, would this case fit everything?
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    All of the parts listed will work just fine together and fit in that case.
  4. Alright, and two more things. Does this need 32bit or 64bit windows, and can it play skyrim on ultra with texture mods?

    (I'm awful with computers)
  5. 64 bit windows always. It can play on ultra with mods, yes.
  6. Thanks bunches (:
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  8. Anytime!
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