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HELP! Bigger screen or better gpu?

I am buying an alienware soon and i wanted to know if theres a big difference in the m17x and m18x mostly regarding the screens? I was planning on gettin a m18x with a Nvidia GTX 675m, but for the same price, i could get the m17x with an upgraded screen and Nvidia GTX 680m gpu with the same processing powers. Is the bigger screen on the m18x worth the lower grade graphics card??? Which would you guys pick:
M18x, 18.4 inch 60hz screen, 2.7 ghz i7 quad core processor, 16gb RAM, Nvidia Geforce GTX 675M
M17x, 17.3 inch 120 hz screen, 2.7 ghz i7 quad core processor, 16gb RAM, Nvidia Geforce GTX 680M

Is the Killer-n wifi card worth 150 dollars? I dont really think so but is there a huge difference between that and the intel centrino wifi card?

Its a really long question I know, but all answers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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  1. Both screens are 1080p so you won't have any more real estate by buying an 18.4".
    Everything on screen will appear slightly bigger though.
    I'd get 17.3" myself.

    Killer NIC is a gimmick not worth the money it costs.
  2. I would say the screen, you can use 120hz screens for 3d. Plus I don't believe the size of the screen really matters when it comes to graphics. Yeah bigger screens make the graphics more poor looking but the graphics card optimizes your games to the screen. If you are playing a game at rates under 30fps, get the card.
  3. So even if they had the same graphics card and were now relatively equally priced, (Prices just changed), would you guys still recommend the m17x?
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    You will get smoother visuals when gaming on the M17X because of the higher refresh rate (120hz) + you're gonna get more FPS on GTX 680M. Even with the same graphics card, go for the 120hz screen.

    For your 2nd part of the question, no, it's not worth it. If you want steady internet connection, use an ethernet wire.
  5. M17x .same processor , high gpu than 18 , 120Hz monitor ,so no upgrade need.
  6. Killer-N wifi:
    It depends what kind of gaming you do. In general, I'd say no. Ethernet shouldn't be needed either since your bandwidth is likely far below the wi-fi's capabilities.

    This sums it up for me though:
    "My biggest concern is that, as good as the Killer Wireless-N is, many users will likely never notice. "
  7. Thanks everyone for the responses!!! Definitely helped in my decision!
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