NVidia driver for a Gainward card? Will this work? (660ti)

Hello, I have a Gainward GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2gb PhysX and I had the proper driver pre installed on my custom-built computer.

Yesterday i reformatted the computer, and windows 8 automatically installed the nvidia driver. "nVidia Control Panel".

And in the start-run-dxdiag-video, it no longer states that my card is Gainward, but it is. This is obviously caused by the driver not being Gainward itself.

I've tried gaming, and everything seems as usual, no more lags than before.

My question is if there is any disadvantages running nVidia 660ti drivers for a Gainward 660ti?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hello... Gainward just makes, builds, solder, clock the cards... always use the nVidia drivers from nVidia... for the best GPU performance.
  2. Ironsounds said:
    Hello... Gainward just makes, builds, solder, clock the cards... always use the nVidia drivers from nVidia... for the best GPU performance.

    Are you saying that gainward doesnt have their own driver for their geforce gtx 660ti card? Am I remembering the part where I thought I had a gainward driver for it wrong?

    And I also recall having the dxdiag system information about my graphics card tell me spesifically that it was Gainward's card. And it's not any more, do you have a reasonable explaination for this? :) Sorry if I'm pushing you for answers, I'm just very curious!

  3. Gainward just manufacture the nVidia GeForce GTX660 Ti
  4. Like Iron said go to nvidia's website. Radeon has drivers separate for each manufacturer. It is sort of a hassle to go to sapphire or the manufacturers website for the updates and every time I have tried CCC never updates using the panal itself. But nvidia provides the control panal for all there cards from what I understand, whither it be PNY, or MSI you can get it from nvidia's main site. Nvidia Control Panel recognizes the chip in the series and makes adjustments accordingly. Also you can easily update it by right clicking the Nvidia Icon on the toolbar and selecting the check for updates.
  5. Here is the Windows 8 x64 driver for the 660 Ti (English US):
  6. Thanks guys, appreciated it!
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  9. Here's the thing... gainward produces drivers, yes. They're going to be out-of-date, however, and the extra things you get aren't going to be worth the performance hit.

    ALWAYS use drivers from the chip manufacturer, not the OEM.
  10. Hello... as part of the files that a make a " driver " install there is a file *.inf... that file will put a name into your Device manager list of components... if you look you could and find it, you can load that file back in and have any name you want it to be.

    For example there is no driver for a monitor... it is a "passive" device... but you can download a "driver for a monitor"... but all thats there is a *.inf file... all it does when you install it, is posts the model/brand of your monitor into your "Device manager" hardware list.
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