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Hi, like it says in the thread title, I would like to buy a new video card that can run aion as smooth as possible on medium too high details. My pc configuration is:
Motherboard - ga-p35-ds3 rev 1.0
Cpu - intel e6750
2 gb of ram ddr2 800mhz
Psu - antec earthwatt 430w pfc 80 plus
Monitor resolution 1920x1080 (24' full hd).
I was thinking of sapphire hd 7750 but i'm opened too other sugestions. I'm also gonna buy 2gb more of ram along with the video card. Thanks for any replyes.
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  1. Well your computer is a bit dated I had a 6750. Your processor is a bit dated which should still have the processing power to deal with Aion however your ram is small at 2 gigabytes and ddr2 800 is probably pretty pricey now. A 7750 would be a good card for a core2 machine however from what I remember the game had pretty crazy graphics I'm not sure your machine would be much improved with a 7750 well it would just not sure what you are trying to accomplish setting wise.
  2. I could be wrong here are the recommended system requirements.
    Recommended System Requirements

    Connectivity : Broadband Internet connection

    DirectX : DirectX? 9.0c

    Hard Drive Space : 15GB hard disk space

    Operating System : Windows XP SP2/ Vista/ Windows 7

    Processor : Dual Core CPU 2.0GHz or equivalent

    RAM : 2GB RAM

    Video Card : NVIDIA 6800 with 256MB RAM / ATI Radeon x800 with 256MB or higher
  3. Well, I want the game run as good as possible in almost any location, most of all in very populated locations.
  4. Hd 7750 is more than enough.and also add 2gb ram.
  5. Yea for a socket 775 machine 4 gigabytes is about all you are really going to get out of it. You may want to look toward a system overhaul in the next year or two. I know when I upgraded mine last year that I felt it was night and day difference. Just something to think about I understand people have things to pay for and things to prioritize.
  6. ASHISH65 said:
    Hd 7750 is more than enough.and also add 2gb ram.

    This is the game I was talking about in my thread sir ASHISH65. I believe CPU is holding back my GPU's performance. Will have to test tonight regarding your advise on my HD7770+Q6600 problem.

    To the OP:
    HD7770 is able to run Aion with High Graphic engine enabled. But my CPU lags and holding my GPU back. Aion is not just graphics based. When you are in a populated area, memory, CPU, and internet connection matters. I suggest you upgrade to an i5 at least and have a GTX550ti. That will be a good combo for Aion. If you have enough $, go for GTX560ti to get all the good visuals. If you are an ATI fan, HD6850 is good. Lastly, get a good connection or have a ping program to pump up your connection.

    Btw, I'm playing at Kahrun server. :hello:

  7. hi guys! i have an AMD Quad-Core APU Family 1.9GHz-Auto Turbo Boost 2.8Ghz , Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 7640G Dual Graphics and 4 GB Ram but my aion work with fps at high option at graphics if Iput the option-LOW it go with 40-50 fps what i need to do?And the last and not the least i see the water underground (idk to explain) what i need to do????P.S.:i have DirectX 11.0
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