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Windows Wont Boot After New Video Card Install

So I had a GTX 550ti in my new computer I built. My cousin (this year) got me a Christmas present. The present was a gtx 660, I promptly(once receiving it) uninstalled the drivers. I than threw the new card in, however, once I restart my computer it simply cycles from BIOS to a screen that says "loading operating system." That it simply loops over and over going from BIOS to that message. I have given my old card to my younger brother (the 550 TI). So I put in a old one that was lying around (ATI Radeon 4850.) Computer booted up in windows just fine. So I figured DOA and RMA'd the video card back. I just got the video card back after almost three weeks. I made sure all ATI drivers were uninstalled, I than put the 660 in and waited for the beautiful generic display come up, BOOM ..not a damn thing. Perhaps I need to reinstall windows? I used driver sweeper also! I don't know what else to do?! I'm pretty sure its something with windows, perhaps its another bad card? HELP!!

p.s. My power supply is 730 watts which is plenty.

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    It wouldn't surprise me that the card you got back was defective too. I've had it happen with other components. Unless they sent you a brand new card, they probably just sent some "refurbished" card they had on the shelf. I'd send it back for refund and buy a new one.
  2. Yeah, I'm guess that is it also. I have (since than) reinstalled my operating system. The card still doesn't display. Perhaps there is a setting in which the card becomes idle? I'm not sure what else could be the problem.
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