My Nvidia Driver is using all of my ram!

So i havent made any changes to my software or hardware recently and my GTX 580 driver just eats up all of my PCs RAM until there is no more. i have no clue why its doing this i tried downgrading the driver and that didnt work and i tried upgrading the driver and it still did work. The exact .exe file that is causing this problem is nvtray.exe it just skyrockets and uses all my resources it even takes up all six of my processor cores! (AMD Phenom ii 1055t). Help would be great thanks
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  1. Right click it and select Open File Location. I just want to make sure it is the location it should be in.

    C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Display

    Failing that, try to end it and see what happens. I have never seen this, but software can do some strange things.


    If all looks good, open the Nvidia control panel and select Desktop(menu) and remove the check next to Show Notification Tray Icon. I just tried it and nvtray.exe does go away, you will need to launch the Nvidia control panel from a shortcut, but at least you will have free memory.
  2. can you try uninstalling,sweep it, then reinstall.

    just checked mine and it's only 7mb.
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