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January 16, 2013 11:00:37 PM

I have the 5770 1 gb video card, in my mac pro tower.
It says that it can support 3 monitors

2 mini display port and one DVI

which im running a monitor off the DVI, and one off the mini display port to DVi.. and i had another adapter for the 3rd for my tv.. which was a passive mini display port to DVI, and then realized maybe i needed an active one, so i tried that also, but the same in both situations. the first monitor is always on, but as soon as i plug in the 3rd, the second shuts off and the third turns on.

how do i get around that? other than running a second video card, i realize that i can put any card in there as long as i dont crossfire, in that case the same card.

Or do i just enable eyefinity? i think thats what its called?
possibly if you have time, please help me out?


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