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Highest FPS in BF3

I'm planning to upgrade my GTX 560 Ti. I have a few friends that has AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce. I know to play safe, most of people would just stay in the middle.. But really.. There is a better card, just like in every brand around the world. "There is a Better one" at 1080p and I intend to find it at $500 budget.

Synthentic benchmarks and specs are just very misleading. Post your highest FPS on BF3 and your Graphics card. If you have screen shots..That would be better.
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  1. i5 3330 @ 3.0 Ghz │ Palit GTX 560 Ti 2 GB GDDR 5 │ SanDisk 120 GB SSD │ Toshiba 500 GB 7200 rpm │ 8 GB DDR 3 1333 Mhz │
  2. if 500 is your budget then the answer is simple either gtx 680 or hd 7970

    if you wanna save a few bucks then gtx 670 or 7950

    cant get any better then that for a single gpu...
  3. Most benchmarks you will find on the internet for the Radeon HD 7000 series were with the Catalyst 12.9 or earlier driver, and the 12.11 Beta driver makes huge improvements with BF3 (ONLY on the HD 7000 series, not the earlier ones).

    If you want bang for your buck, the Radeons will deliver better frame rates for the money. If you want CUDA and/or PhysX support, go for nVidia.
  4. I have a 3570k 4.4Ghz and a 6870 and @1080p on Ultra I get right around 30 fps, but I never play on that. I usually just play on the medium preset so I can leave Vsync on.
  5. get a high quality 670
  6. it would not be wise to draw a conclusion based off of what you are asking.

    there are far too many variables involved; system specs, game settings/resolutions and potention for overclocking.

    two exact same systems with the same exact card would achieve different overclocks; making the results different. an i5 3570K would have differnt results than an FX-8350 with the same card @ stock settings.

    jesus the differences are endless. the best is to start researching reviews/testing by reputable sites that benchmark under controled conditions, then do further investigation when you find a few particular cards with consistant performance.
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    Yep. The 670 is the way to go - with a bit of an overclock, there's basically nothing it can't max out at 60fps, and it's way cheaper than $500.

    That being said, you should wait for a few months - the next series of video cards will be coming out then.
  8. Thanks guys. how is CUDA and Physx really affect the game play? In my experience, PhysX or not is pretty much the same though.. I'm just saying. lol

    One last question. I never really got the exact answer for this and this bothered me a lot in choosing the graphics card. GPU-Z shows that Radeon does not have Shader clock while Geforce has. How does that work? anyone has an Idea? That would me much appreciated
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