ASUS HD 7850

After having done my homework, I'm going to get the ASUS version of this card. Now how can I tell from these part numbers which will OC? These are all ASUS models.




Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would just go with a sapphire one
    I would get this asus one because it is cheapest
    this one would have the best cooling
  2. This is the cheapest 7870 in your Range
    Should give a look.

    And for 7850, I would recommend you
    As suggested above too.
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    ^+1 on Sam's suggestion although I feel like the 7850 is the more wise of a card to purchase I would grab that and overclock it. If i were in the ballpark of the 7870 I would pinch my pennies and get a 7950 for the extra ram and memory bit.,82,71&sort=a5&r=3072,2048
  4. thanks for the input!

    I have my sights set on the ASUS 7850. I read the reviews of that Saphire unit and they didn't exactly inspire confidence. but from all I've read, ASUS does it best.
  5. Well each card is different and the components are different depending on the card. ASUS definitely makes great product so I think its wise to put confidence in them.
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