Minecraft @ 60fps with Radeon 7870?

Haha this may sound like a troll post but it is not. Built my gaming pc, has an FX-8350, 8gb 1866mhz RAM, and a Sapphire Radeon HD 7870.

So I went to play some good old minecraft as I wait for the huge Steam game files to install and I see it is only running at 60fps.

However I do have a 60hz TV that I am using via HDMI, so is the game simply locking itself as a framerate that the tv can display or should I be concerned about my hardware?

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  1. Play other games. If you are getting normal frame rates in everything else I wouldn't be to worried.
  2. How you will get 60+ fps as your tv is 60hz.your fps will never reach more than 60.
  3. i don't know for sure if minecraft has it but maybe you have vsync enabled?
  4. I think there is a frame rate cap, maybe you have that on. To ASHISH, we mea it is rendering 60+ fps.
  5. Fixed! Had to take performance off "Balanced" and set it to "Max FPS" in the settings of the game.
  6. so in end how much fps?
  7. AMD drivers tend to force vsync on known non-intensive games.

    Nothing to worry about.
  8. I had the same problem with my msi 7870 overclocked, I updated my java now (32 + 64 bit) and getting 150-300fps now.

    Amd Fx-4100
    8gb Ram
    Radeon msi 7870 overclocked
    Akasa VenomPower 750w PSU
    Sharkoon T-28 red case
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