Slow internet, IT and I can't figure it out

**Sorry about the wall of text, I tried to break it up as best I could**

Ok, so I woke up this morning to find my internet barely crawling along at about 5 kb/s. This has happened a few times before and I usually either wait it out and it fixes itself or try the "ipconfig /release.../renew" bandaid a few times. But it usually clears up after anytime between a few hours to a few days! Now after the 5th time, I'm just starting to get curious as to what the hell is going on.

I contacted my ISP and they stated my connection is at 96% efficiency and that my internet speed is looking fine on their end. I asked them to check their graph of my network speed (it's a graph that has a realtime analysis of any fluxes in my downloads/uploads) and he said there is a background process taking about 95% of my total bandwidth. So after opening task manager and rifling through the processes and services, I found only a few things that would even relatively be able to siphon my bandwidth:

Akamai Netsession Client

I ended and uninstalled the Akamai after doing some research and figuring out it could be Malware or was a tag along client with my PS CS5.1. But to no avail, my internet speed was still just creeping along, so I reset my router and defaulted everything, which lead to a brief moment of full internet speed via my ISP's graph. He told me that the usage dropped to about 2% then shot back up to about 94%, we also came to the conclusion it couldn't be my router because I plugged my computer directly into the modem to bypass the router and it was still quite slow.

So both the ISP IT and I gave up and he submitted a ticket to an engineer to take a look at my data. Shortly after, he discovered there was a huge spike in download and activity around 3am. Well, around that time I was skyping and playing some BF3, however... I had been running these two things since 1am. He claimed the activity was fairly low from 11pm - 3am, then it spiked to 99% usage and stayed there. I got off BF3/Skype around 3:30am without noticing any lag or latency issues, so I have no idea what caused this. I have ruled out some possible reasons for the problem:

Windows Update - I have these set to manual and I do them all in bulk every other Friday
Net Clients or Background downloaders (WoW/IjjI/Reactor) - Have all of these turned off and disabled
OOD (Out of Date) Ethernet drivers - Recently updated these due to new mobo

As of now I am completely at a loss and have no idea what to do...any help would be appreciated!

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  1. did the issue start after you installed the new mobo?
  2. No, it was also occurring when I had my older mobo installed.
  3. did you try a different network cable?

    did you check for rootkits? run RKiller first and then TDSSkiller in Safe Mode with Network
  4. Did you check with netstat -a and netstat -b?
    You will probably see there is still connections to Akamai servers.

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