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What do you think of this video card?

What do you think of the EVGA brand of video card? Specifically the GTX 650? (see link below) I want to be able to play games maybe a little BF3 on occasion and I will need something that can handle it. My budget is limited to $150 for the GPU. I was looking at this one:
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More about what video card
  1. Please tell your whole specs.we will suggest you card.
  2. It is a new build.
    Thinking of an FX 6300
    8 gb ddr3 ram (expandable to 32 perhaps)
    haven't picked a mother board yet (something for around $80 tops)
    750 watt PSU (or so).
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  4. The ti has CUDA cores and the regular 650 has 'stream processors'---what's the difference, is it just a newer architecture?
  5. with ti you will get higher cuda cores so it will make a difference.more cores more better gaming
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