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Should i Upgrade my CPU or GPU?

I am currently debating whether to buy a new GPU or a new CPU, i cant only afford one or the other.

My specs:
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 635 Processor (4 CPUs), ~2.9GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM

GeForce GTX 460 2770MB

I can play games like Planetside 2 on High settings with minimal lag, however, when a lot of stuff is going on in the game at once on High settings, i will suffer a greater amount of lag.

Should i change out my GPU or my CPU?

also my Mobo is a MSI 785GM P-45
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  1. Your rig is fine i think.if you want to upgrade then you should upgrade both gpu and yours both are old now.but think yourself that you really need a upgrade.
  2. Well it definitely isnt running Planetside 2 as smoothly as it should be.

    Would i see better results with a new GPU or with a new CPU?
  3. yes you will see a huge difference if you upgrade to cpu to i5 3570 and gpu to hd 7850,7870,gtx660
  4. ..... Or since you're obviously running an AMD motherboard you would want to use an AMD CPU.... Do you happen to know what motherboard you have in your machine right now?
  5. Upgrading is waste for u r system because already uptodate .
    so sell that system to get money for new system .
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    Come on people, answer the question...

    My advice is to buy an HD7850/70 2GB video card. Here's a recommended model (though please give a BUDGET next time):

    HD7870 2GB:

    HD7850 2GB:

    A GTX660, or Ti is another option though you'd have to verify benchmarks vs prices.

    *Please be WARNED, there appear to be quite a difference in quality. There are cheaper cards than I recommend but I caution you to be careful. If in doubt, get one of these.

    1. remove current NVIDIA drivers
    2. Turn PC OFF.
    3. Swap cards.
    4. Turn PC ON.
    5. Download and install the latest drivers.
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  8. Thank you Photonboy for providing the answer i was looking for
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