Help setting up dual graphics with an APU A8-3850 and HD Radeon 6570

Hi, I have recently purchased the HIS HD Radeon 6570 graphics card, and am trying to set up the dual graphics feature. I have all the drivers up to date for both the apu, and graphics card, however the option to enable dual graphics is not available in the AMD Vision Control center.
I have an ASUS F1 A75 V-Pro MB
I read in an article that onboard must be enabled in BIOS for the PC to recognize both components, however I am not too familiar with the UEFI BIOS and cannot find the option to enable it. Currently my monitor is being run through the graphics card as opposed to onboard graphics, I am confused and any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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  1. theres an option for that in the amd gpu software?
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    Here is what amd says to do

    The here is my cheat sheet version: I would set everything at stock default settings, then put the 6570 in the pci-e slot, boot windows and install the latest catalyst driver (either 13.1 or 13.3 Beta), enable dual graphics (hybrid crossfire) in the catalyst control center under performance settings, install the catalyst application profiles, test to make sure the dual graphics works right in the games you play. Hope this helps you..
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