hyundai q17?

Hello, great article on the flat panels. I am in the market looking to buy a flat panel lcd and after reading the article the Hyundai definitely seemed like a good buy. But I am unable to find a retailer in the US who offers the Hyundai Q17. Could someone point me to some retailers?

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  1. I purchased a Q17 from the day it was available. Unfortunatly the one that i recieved was deffective and the power connection inturnaly was loose or something. It would only recieve power at a certain angle. I was very pleased with the colors and response time however. Sadly they are now out of stock so i couldnt get a replacement, so i just refunded instead. I have yet to find anywhere else to purchase this monitor from. At this point if it takes more than a week for them to get more in stock ill just wait it out till the new Samsung comes out.
  2. Tom's guide had the price posted as US$379. I saw outpost today and they had it on there for $549... My budget is $425 max - what is the best 17" out there in my price range. I dont mind buying on the web to save a few $$... How is the NEC 1760NV?
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