Windows 7 will not boot up, only in safe mode, what can be done

Windows 7 was working for the past two months. I Added the windows 7 hardrive into another PC to copy some files. This is a new motherboard and memory.. Intel dual core 3.0 and memeroy 4gb. I put the drive back into the computer, now it only loads in Safe Mode. Why want it load into the desktop. It's starting windows and its not. but pc is running and no screen appears. What can I do?
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  1. Put the disk in and repair.
  2. Did not get a disk, it was downloaded from the site. what can i do now?
  3. should I reload this OPS and format
  4. how do you open a downloaded video that's a rar. I have a rar opener? It does not work on the movies thats in that format.
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Windows 7 Safe Mode