Graphics card hangs (physically)

hi there,

so the other day i was just doing a general system rebuild and i just noticed that my graphics cards hang quite low when i plug them in... this is obviously easily solved with a screw but i was just wondering how bad it really is ?

ps the bottom card hangs down to the psu if i let it just sit there (only let that happen once to see how low it goes but not again :non: )

system specs :

i5-3450 stock speed
6 GB ram
CF XFX hd 6870
hiper type-m 880w
Samsung spinpoint 1tb
Coolermaster comos 1000

thanks for any help
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  1.'re not screwing them in? You can easily break the PCIe slot on the mobo. They have the screw holes for a reason.
  2. no i am screwing them in
  3. Your post says that they are fixed with the screw. And you say you're screwing them in. So what is your problem/issue with the cards?
  4. i was just wondering if when they dont have a screw in its normal for them to hang low
  5. Ah. Yeah, that's pretty common with newer cases. I've made it a habit of always installing/removing a GPU while the case is on the side or while I'm holding one end up. It's not a huge problem if its just while doing that, but it could break the slot none the less if you're not careful about bumping them and such.
  6. alright thanks for the help :)
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