HD7750 coil whine??

My HD7750 makes some noise at load(playing games mw3 or farcry3) and i googled it and concluded that it is coil whine noise.....is it dangerous???
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  1. Coil whine isn't dangerous, just annoying.
  2. Although I would RMA the card if you can
  3. I would suggest rma that card.it should not make such noise.
  4. ASHISH65 said:
    I would suggest rma that card.it should make such noise.

    You are saying it should make noise and then rma
  5. No, he just types badly. It should not whine. Coil whine comes from inductors (also called RF Chokes) heating while they are building and dispersing an RF field.

    Some people say it comes from AC current making them vibrate but that is incorrect. AC is blocked by a coil, DC is what makes them build a charge as they are essentially electromagnets. RF Chokes are paired with capacitors to form tank circuits (frequency filtering) and for filtering AC into DC as well as shunting AC ripple to ground in DC only circuits.
  6. Sorry i mean to say it should not.just fast typing.
  7. from near 80 cm this sounds to me like sound from tv and mobile charger but when i put ears on gpu it sounds like vibration chirrr.....temps are normal and its not fan also....what it could be i am not sure
  8. It is just a faulty fan.just rma that card you will be fine.
  9. fan is running quiet at normally 50-60% speed...even at 100% speed it is not noisy...the card itself is quiet at idle so i will not be able to convince for rma....it only produces little noise at load....temps are fine and below 55C at load
  10. Means while playing games you only hear noise.just talk to service center and see.
  11. Unfortunately there is no service center in my country......
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