Does an i5 3570 bottlenecks a HD 7970?

Yes now i have a question about a 7970 (new build, with an i5 and Sapphire 7970) $980
Does an i5 3570 bottleneck a 7970?
I want to play BF3 at semi ultra settings and Black Ops 2 at 125 fps (medium settings)
530 watt psu and 8GB ram :)

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  1. There will be no bottleneck with that can get any gpu you are good to go.your cpu is one of the best gaming not worry.
  2. It will not Bottleneck at all.

    That CPU is one of the Latest, Hence will support all the Latest Cards out there.
  3. nothing can bottleneck an i5 3570k
  4. You will have no issues at all. If games become increasingly more intensive in the future you may have a issue because you aren't able to overclock your CPU. However by the time that happens I'm almost certain the 3570 will be in another machine or at a recycling center.

    I would say to keep the game smooth you may want to turn the game up all the way maxed out all the bells and whistles to avoid frames going over your screens refresh rate.

    Also you should be good to go however 530 Watts is a interesting wattage. I would suggest these power supplies. My guess its not a normal power supply the one you are looking at. Be sure to get a quality PSU you put all the money into a great CPU, and GPU you should show it some love with quality power :)
  5. thank you, i think i made a bad choice cos i chose a BeQuiet (one of that series) 530w,
    i will go for the xfx 550w psu!
  6. No problem. I think for a single card situation you will find the xfx 550 watt a gem :)
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