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Hi everyone,

I am building my first PC and I was hoping to get advice on which GPU I should get. I am either going to get a single GTX 680 and a 3930k CPU, 2xGTX680's and a 3770k or a single GTX 690 and a 3770k. Also, my additional parts are 16gb's of ram and a Corsair AX860i.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Getting 2x 680 is big overkill.i suggest you to get single gtx 680 with i7 3770k.it is enough for next coming up years.
  2. If you want your system to last a good few years i would get the 2 x GTX 680's and a 3770k as that will run any game that will be released in the next 1 - 2 years without having to worry :)
  3. Well, that really depends on your needs, but let me start by saying, that the GTX 690 option is NOT the right choice. Then I would much rather go with 2x 680's. But, as ASHISH65 says, a single GTX 680 with an 3770k is going to be more than enough for now and the next coming years (unless you wanna play Crysis 3 on Ultra settings - then I would recommend going with 2x 680's). And for the CPU, it really depends on your CPU needs. If you only do gaming, then the 3770k is going to be more than enough, but if you also wanna do heavy video editing and the like, then your should go with the 3930k.

    Have fun with your first build!
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone, I am now leaning toward 2x Evga Signature 2 Gtx 680's and I will also be doing light editing using the Adobe suite.
  5. you will be better off getting this for the price if you are in the uk same performance

    EVGA GTX 680 2GB GDDR5

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