Gigabyte radeon 7950 vs msi gtx 660 ti ??

Which of these two are better for gaming? (BF 3, Far cry 3, crysis aka demanding games). 1080p would be more than ok for me i'm not looking for more :)
I'm not planning (at least not in the near future) to oc them even more than they allready are...i also intend to keep the card for at least two years and maybe then i would try some crossfire :)

Thank u in advance guys !!

PS: if u have a better option in this price range i would be more than willing to listen to it :)
But my budget isn't fit for too much as u can see..
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  1. With latest drivers hd 7950 > gtx 660ti.But mostly perform same in real world.with gtx 660ti you will get features like physicx and adaptive vsync.i would buy whichever is at less price which is hd hd 7950 in my opinon or gtx 660ti if you want physicx.
  2. Well the 660Ti and the 7950 are fairly close in performance as the techreport revisited article suggests.

    However keep a few things in mind the 7950 has a higher memory bit lane which will prove to be more beneficial in the future. Also more ram stock. The 660Ti has the ability to do very well in today's games however give it a generation or two and it will feel like a HTPC card.

    I don't think you can go wrong with either but I will concur with ash on this one the 7950 to me at least seems to be the more wise decision going forward because you don't buy a card to do well just in the moment right now but to last a little bit why else spend the amount you do on a card like that.
  3. You get the 660ti if you spend a lot of your gaming time playing the few PhysX games.

    The 7950 is better otherwise.
  4. Ok thanks a lot guys for your thoughts :) i'm going for the 7950 as it's a good graphics card for now and also has a promising future...
    I also have another request and i know that i should post this one in the motherboard section of the forum but since we've settled the graphics card could u please give me a good option for the MOB point of view? I have a core i5 3570k cpu and given that i will aquire the 7950 and probably settle for 8gb of ram (for now) what should i go for?
    My thoughts were pointed to the msi z77a gd65 but is it any good?
  5. I would save your money and get one of these. The board you are looking at isn't bad I just feel like perhaps you are spending more money on a motherboard and not knowing why.

    Asrock Extreme4 z77: you get sli, you get all the ports you need, and you can overclock.
    Asus P8Z77-V LK: same sorts of features you would see on the Asrock board, Sli/CF, all the ports one would need, and you can overclock.

    If you wanted to spend more on a board for serious overclocking I could see you spending more of if you wanted thunderbolt ports I could get that to but I don't see the need to spend 200 dollars on a motherboard anymore.
  6. Usually, I would recommend you the nvidia card due to ATI's poor drivers. But the HD 7950 outperforms the GTX 660 most of the time. GTX 670 is better competitor to HD 7950. I would go for the GTX 670 if I were you. GTX 670 outperforms HD 7950 in BF3 and Crysis.
  7. I would say that the 660Ti and the 7950 could be debated on. And the 670 isn't poised to compete with the 7950 its sites are after the non ghz 7970.
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