Crackling sounds on computer audio

I have turned my enhancements off and it just continues!!!! Its passed annoying now! I cant enjoy music if it sounds like my speakers are crackling. it does it whether i am listening through headphones or not! tried resetting my computer and nothing's working! I NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. ccrrkk crrkk crrrack
  2. Oops. Sorry about that. Try cleaning your audio port.
  3. What your describing sounds (lol) like a connection problem between the motherboard audio and your speaker 1/8" audio jack. Clean the connection and reseat.

    Failing that inspect the speaker cabling. if you have pets the cables might have been chewed, which can do that.

    Also check the HD audio connector on the motherboard for a loose connection and lastly, consider reinstalling your drivers.
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