Very Tight Budget Gaming Computer (UNDER $400)

I need to build a new computer on a very tight budget. It has to be under $400. All parts from MSY. This is what I have already planned:

CPU: Intel BX80637I33220 i3-3220 3.3GHz LGA1155 IVY Bridge Boxed CPU Cores 3MB ($119 @MSY)
Motherboard: ASUS P8H61V3 DDR3 Intel 1155pin Motherboard ($45 @MSY)
Case: Coolermaster RC-371 Case without PSU ($42 @MSY)
PSU: Coolermaster Extreme Power Plus RS-500 Watt. PSU ($42 @MSY)
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws-X 8GB Single DDR3 1333 F3-10666CL9S-8GBXL ($51 @MSY)
GPU: MSI R7750-PMD2GD3 2G DDR3 7750 PCI-E VGA Card ($92 @MSY)

TOTAL: $391

Or should I swap the case and PSU for a A-Power APWR-C-MGX1 Megatronx1 Case with PSU 750w ($33 @MSY)
and get a MSI 650TI-1GD5/OC 1G DDR5 650TI-OC PCI-E VGA Card ($159 @MSY)
Then the total will be: $407

Please give your reviews or any better build.
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    If you can squeeze this out, should be around 1.75x GPU performance than what you would get in the original build you made. Remember, with such a small budget, its better to go for a much more budget oriented CPU, as more games are GPU dependent, and go all out on the GPU. If its too much, downgrade to a 7770.
  2. I don't think pentium will be good enough. I'll also be watching movies and other stuff. Games like GTA IV might need the extra threads.
  3. aa-4123 said:
    I don't think pentium will be good enough. I'll also be watching movies and other stuff. Games like GTA IV might need the extra threads.

    Its not the threads that are needed, its processing power. GTA IV is extremely unoptimised, its a terribly coded game, but fun. For GTA IV specifically, its CPU powered. However most games are GPU intensive..

    Look, at $444, you can't exactly have a great rig. $600 is where price for performance really shows. At $400, its best not to build until you've saved a minimum of $550. I live in Australia too, and I understand the price upping here.

    You could always go with a 965 Black from AMD, its much more budget oriented, and its a VERY good processor for the price.
  4. OK but is the g860 better than core 2 duo e8400
  5. And is the more expensive case and psu neccesary
  6. Yes for the PSU. "Crappermaster" make some of the worst PSU's for their lower end. They often lie on their Wattage for anything under 1000W. Above 1000W their PSU's are actually quite good.

    Case no. I just saw a case and chose it. its personal preference. However the case I chose is only a tad bit more expensive but offers more airflow.

    If you can find it, the Phenom II 965 Black is crazy performance for the price. Its much better than a G860.
  7. The G860 is also significantly better than a E8400 in my own opinion.

    Also, if you choose to go for the 965 Black, you'll have to get a different motherboard.
  8. I think I'll get the g860 + Radeon 7850, and get the APower case, same ram, same motherboard. This way I'll spend $381.
  9. Be sure to pay attention to the PSU advice.
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