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Nokia 9300 firmware

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July 15, 2005 4:31:24 AM

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Any news on any firmware updates for Nokia 9300?

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July 19, 2005 4:46:39 PM

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"bobbymobile" <> wrote in message
> Any news on any firmware updates for Nokia 9300?

I'll take that as a no then shall I?
July 22, 2005 7:35:48 PM

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A new version came out: 5.22. This is from

Firmware changes for Nokia 9300 between version 4.53 and version 5.22 :

Cover UI

Support for transparent Operator logos
Infrared and Bluetooth activation to Go-To Menu in Cover
Active Sim Access Profile connection on cover UI indication
NITZ update notification improvement
Emergency calls supports all voice codecs
Single numbering scheme for fax added
USSD editor added to communcator side (under control panel)
Closed User Group support added
Local DTMF tones playback added
Speed dial entry improvement
Unanswered USSD request improvement
Contact search improvement in CUI
CBS application icon location correction
Calling name correction
Instant Messaging PDP context will be released after 5 min
Multimedia messaging
Usability improvements to MMS Account settings
Delete option added for non-media objects in MMS editor
Capability to reply to MMS with SMS added
Support for 300 kB MMS messages if requested by operator
MMS viewer (closing phase) correction

Move to folder -dialog remembers the last used folder
Forward functionality added to sent folder
Sending email always goes from default account
Support for IBM addresses added to email
Retrieved emails converted to the device local time
"Mark read/unread" functionality added into messaging centre menu
User selectable character set added to email editor
Email notification is shown according to setting
Functionality of "Delete e-mails locally..." with POP/IMAP.
Improvement of installed push solutions when creating new message
Handling of Word document (containing pictures) attachements improved
BlackBerry meeting request support for Notes email addresses in attendees
BlackBerry email account setting handling improved during simultaneous
server connection
Calendar / PIM
Meeting Request support for email / PIM solutions added
Location field in calendar event supports 128 characters
RDATE Support (for WEA)
User not prompted for HTTP Auth. id/pw on bootstrap & connect fails
Correction of dst start/end time
Animation for Sending New/Update/Cancel Meeting Requests
Correction for maximum length of address control in calendar meeting request
Calendar speed improvement
WEA synchronisation improvement concerning cities without daylight settings
Calendar Sync - Maximum length entry in Description field set to 128
Sanity check added to calendar sync to filter out invalid calendar entries
Office tools
Improvements to fonts when showing slideshow with data projector
Transparent bitmaps are supported in presentations
Showing bullets improved in presentations application
Word and Sheet: Intermediate saving not to be done when cover is closed
Device Management
Generic usability improved
IP Passthrough option added to OMA Device Management Access Point
User is alerted when application waits installation
User is alerted when incoming note is received
HTTP authentication added to Device Management
OMA Client Provisioning support for HTTP authentication added
OMA Data Sync Client OMA CP Provisioning for HTTP Authentication added
Improvements to device management accesspoint and VPN accesspoint
UI Improvements when creating new configuration
Offer APN product profile information for BlackBerry client
GPRS shall be initiated when *99# is added to FDN list
Correction of sync profiles created with device UI with OMA DM
Contacts content type can be configured into syncml settings with Nokia
configuration tool
Accept header HTTP transport framework filter for the browser
Password field supports Non - Alphanumeric characters
Streaming improvement
Flash6 plugin support
Video Playback functionality improved
"Note List" shortcut added to Desk main view's command buttons
Shows all Quick notes in terminal with one view
Capability to re-run the automatic IAP configuration
Can be done via control panel in case of deleting IAP's eg. Accidentially
Datamover usability improvement: asks explicitly the current city from user
Default Communicator display brightness settings lowered
Improvements to handling corrupted memory cards (notification improved)
Improved colour schemes in communicator side
Interoperability improvements to Bluetooth carkits and headset audio routing
Playback performance improvements to RealPlayer
RealPlayer support SDP files
Printing performance improved
Music Player: Pause, Duration, FWD and RWD support for AAC files
Support for MD-1 music stand added
Usability improvements after restoring a backup (using PC Suite) and MMC
User is asked to reboot the terminal
Improvement of Home Zone functionality with new USIM cards
Progress bar indicator on PDA during battery boot
Improvement of Autolock functionality after PC Suite backup
TSD procedure improvement
Backup restore related error situation corrected to CoverUI.
User Agent string updated to indicate correct sw version.

"bobbymobile" <> wrote in message
> "bobbymobile" <> wrote in message
> > Any news on any firmware updates for Nokia 9300?
> >
> I'll take that as a no then shall I?