Need help in buying New graphics card

I want to buy a new graphics card. I live at Delhi, India, and being a student I'm having a really tight budget which is 4000 rupees (can extend it upto 4300) . My monitor's resolution is 1280*1024. I want fps more than 20 while playing games like GTA IV on mid settings........ Please help me out...... :heink: :ouch: :ange:
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  1. Please post your whole pc specs
  2. CPU= pentium d 3.0 ghz
    Ram= 1.5GB DDR2
    HDD= 250 GB
    PSU= 200 watt(or little bit lower)
  3. With those specs, I don't think any GPU is there that you can get.
    But still you could have got GT620, if your PSU would have permitted it.

    So, I would suggest you to Study hard.
    And not to involve in the Big world of Gaming. Because once you get in, its hard to get out.
  4. Your should study more and save up more to get good system later.even if you get gpu then it will be waste of your whole money as your system is weak.
  5. Well, if you are so desperate, get a GT 520 GDDR5- it will be sufficient to your comp and your requirements. Else, wait for a year or two and save up money to buy a new system.
  6. Is gt 520 gddr5 better than hd6670 and can I get a speed of more than 20fps. Yes you are right, but I'm having a disease that I can't wait for anything. I know my system is very weak but I want such upgrade for my hd4350 that will surely give me improvement. Ofcourse I will buy a new system after my 12th but till than.......Such experience will be ok.....
  7. And ofcourse, I'm studying hard.......
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