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Desktop STOPPED Detecting Projector???

January 17, 2013 12:32:06 PM

I have a desktop and projector a couple of years old and have always used it for the display. After watching a film recently, I turned off my projector, the computer runs 24/7. When I turned it back on it wasn`t detected.....
Now.. The graphics card is on old 4800 series and I currently have the desktop hooked up to a monitor using the S-Video output. no problems there... The projector works absolutely fine when hooked up to my wife`s laptop (same OS Win7 etc) so I see no problem with the projector (auto detects fine)
The HD4800 has two DVI ports at the back along with the S-Video (I presume 1 is DVI-I and the other DVI-D). The projector has only ever worked in ONE of these, About a month ago for no reason at all, it decided to SWAP which port it going to work in ???? Now it works in NONE!!! I`m baffled is it time for a new graphics card?
P.S downloaded AMDs Legacy Catalyst software today, never had it before, but didn`t help nevertheless.
Ideas or suggestions for a fix would be appreciated, Thanks.