I really need help!

Im making a gaming computer and i want the case mid-sized, now, i want to know if this graphics card

If it fits in this case

Im currently buying this one

But i wanted one more powerful! Because in another question about my components someone told me to spend more money into the graphics card, BUT i still want the case mid-sized so i want to know if it fits.
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  1. That Gigabyte card will fit in it.
    But get a better Brand, not Gigabyte. Because it doesn't Overclock.

    Yes, you should put more into GPU if your main Target is gaming.
  2. I'm going with no. CM says the longest card needs to be around 10.5"


    If you look at your Amazon link it says 13" for the first dimension. I'm assuming this is the side with the fans on it. You need something smaller.
  3. So... Which do you recommend me, if it doesnt fit, like, good for gaming but small enough to fit?
  4. Won't fit period. If it can only handle a 10.6in card and that card with the fans is 13in long, it won't fit. You can probably make it fit by sawing away some of the drive cage, but better to just get a different card.
  5. Yeah... But which (ANOTHER) graphics card do you recommend me that is good for gaming but still fits in the case

    This case
  6. Assuming your budget is $250, I would recommend a GTX 660. If you can manage to throw in an extra $50, you should get the GTX 660 ti.
  7. You just need one where the heatsink doesn't go so far off the back. Like this one or many others.

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