Artifacting card with games but not benchmarks?

Hi all,

I have a VTX 5770 and the card seems to artifact during game like Dishonored and Boarderland 2 but when I run Heaven and Futuremark 10/11 I don't seem to be getting any issues.

I get like a pink/Green fuzzyness on certian in game modals like say the hand, ot the weapon being held, I've also had the checked Squares and the big Triangles the cover the screen, Guildwars 2 was horrific on high settings and even sometimes on low settings.

Futuremark 10 was shutting down the drivers mid benchmark not long ago (Stopped working but now recovered error) but I'm sure it was to do with the voltage as when I increased it through the Bios it'ts ran the benchmark fine.

I was wondering what you guys think about this?

My system is as follows


RAM - 4GB- Crucial 2x2GB DDR2

CPU - VTX HD 5770 1GB

CPU- Q9700 Quad core 2.66

PSU - Bad power supply really some generic Energymax 450 Watt, with this I am powering a 6 pin card from a 4 pin Molex could this be causing the problems?

I don't currently have another system to test the card in.

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  1. Check that gpu in other's pc and not use futuremark dude sometimes it will make your gpu damage.
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