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Hi, i am new to this site. Not sure if I'm posting in the right area out not but here goes. I had a hdd issue that got an error message saying "a disk read error occurred" so i formatted and reformatted but the same issue came about. So i installed a new ssd , it gave me a good reason to upgrade since i found a great deal for one. I installed that but now every time i open a program like world of warcraft or even google chrome the comp shuts down unexpectedly and when it stats up i get a check for solution pop up but the details say its a blue screen error. Can anyone help me out here? All my drivers are up to date and I've only had this pc for about a couple months and i built it myself.
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  1. I have. I literally installed my windows and motherboard drivers three days ago. updated all of them. I might reinstall them. The other thing i would think is that my gpu is dying out on me. Ill consider your option as well. Thank you.
  2. Hi,

    Sounds like a problem with motherboard since you have problems with any hard drive, or hard drive related.

    You have been able to install windows without any issues, but when you do something in windows you get problems.

    To check your Hard drives, you could install hard disk sentinel trial on another computer and just run checks on them to see if they are defective.

    Good luck.
  3. It's not windows that's the problem it's whenever i play a video/graphics card intensive program that it's giving me problems (like world of warcraft heroes of newerth league of legends dota 2) that's where I'm getting the hint that my card is dying in me
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