Why do I have to resetting my router everyday

Started realizing the internet speed slowing down to 1 ~ 3 Mbps lately. It all started with the Comcast modem (RCA brand) went out of commission a few weeks ago. Then I replaced with a backup (Motorola SB5101). Initially went well but Comcast "Constant Guard" messages keep popping up on every single PC and Mac. I went completely crazy and went through 4 days of constant exchanges w/ Comcast. I will discuss that incident in a separate message as it isn't quite related to this one.

Started two weeks ago, the internet service became intermittent. After spending literally hours w/Comcast's IT (resetting everything dozens of times), they finally agreed to send a technician the next day when the speed slowed to and kept at ~0.26 Mbps. Of course after their magic hands resetting the modem, the speed went above 30 Mbps the very next day and the technician looking at me as if I'm an idiot.

Then he asked me to re-route the computer directly behind the modem and the speed became quite consistent w/o really slowing down like connecting via the Linksys router. Then I also have chatted w/ Linksys IT but ended when they told me I had to pay them before they can even tell me anything. I told them I don't mind paying; but it would probably make more sense if they could tell me the the feedback from their other clients. And if the root problem is the router, I might consider upgrading or replacing instead of spending too much time dealing w/ an old & obsolete unit. Of course I ended up getting no information from Linksys. Then I decided to try this web site and see if any expertise can give me any advise or direction to either address the problem (the real one) and/or to replace and upgrade the gadgets to make them working w/o much human intervention in the future.

My setup is as follow:

Comcast (Motorola cable modem SB5101=>Linksys WRT600N => LAN to 3 devices & LAN to Linksys SC2008 Gigabit switch => another ASUS repeater in a different part of the house

I just learned to release/renew IP address on the router a few weeks ago (I had to unplug and hard reset the router and the modem before.) Then after so many tests, I realize the internet speed after reset will achieve an amazing 30+ Mbps initially. But only it will slow to less than 5 Mbps w/ some internet usage (I do have several family members w/ 4 laptops, an iMac, and several i-gadgets.) But we're not hard core game/movie users.

Now, my question is/are:

- Is it normal to have to reset the modem/router that often?
- What actually cause the modem to bottleneck if it were the main cause?
- Any suggestion on cable modem and wireless router combination?

Thanks for all your help and input...
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  1. Hi MatrixAMG,

    Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forum. Well, its really irritating if someone has to reset the router everyday for a better performance of the internet speed. What you try is, if there is no hardware malfunctionality (causing this problem) then try to upgrade any latest firmware released by the manufacturer of your router company.

    With their tech team help, set the channel of the router and the band (2.4Ghz/5 Ghz). Hard reset is required when you really have a complex issue or have forgot the password/passkey.

    If you feel, you may also consider to get a new and advanced one, replying the existing one. There are couple of new make and model of routers are available. Such as Netgear, Belkin, D-Link. There is one Securifi which has world's first wireless router with a touchscreen. No need to login to the pc to configure it. Check it out:
  2. The wireless channel may be an issue if there are others installed in your home or at a close enough range to cause interference to your network. You can try using a wireless network tool to check if this is the case.
    You can also start by checking the status page of your router to see what the connection speed actually is (Download/Upload). If the connection speed is what you are getting on your pc, you should call your ISP and have them check the connection for you.
    Your Motorola router only has 10/100 eth ports, while the 600N is Gbit (1000). That being the case, you may get a bit of a bottleneck towards the gateway if network traffic is high.
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