Gaming laptop Graphic card dfferances

So i am in the market for a new laptop and i am going through seeing a obvios Nvidea card, the AMD Radeon, and the Intel 4000. I am unsure how they stack up in comparison and when i get this new laptop i will be doing ALOT of gaming, so the best one is ganna be what i need, but any help is appreciated. thanks
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  1. Any nVidia or AMD graphics processor is going to be better than the Intel 4000 graphics, but which nVidia and AMD ones are you talking about?
  2. I am compiling a list of comps now and trying to widdle it down. Thank you for the speedy reply btw. Also a random question. If i have a dual core pushing 2.90GHz and a quad core pushin 1.50GHz since there are twice the processoers then theoredically i have 3GHz in the quad core right ?

    AMD Radeon HD 7600G Graphics
    that is the card in the one im really lookin at.
    heres a link if ur curious
  3. Ok then, i guess i will be only needing a duel core. Maybe having a word document, a game, and MAAAAAAAYBE Sony 8 open at once.
    Also, what about the GHz question i mentioned earlier ?

    And is there a way to find out if the computer will accept more RAM ?
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