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Well its been about 6 months that i got a new graphic card it the 550 ti it has never gave me any over heating problems or anything like that it ran well for months but now i cant play any game at all for longer than 30 minutes because the whole computer freezes for like 3-4 minutes then after that small freez it lets me continue gaming for another few minutes but i want to identify if it's the video card or the really really cheap 40$ powersupply i have that's not even graded it's some chinese one. But i had no money at all for a better one so please help me all i want to know is what's causing the problem is it the psu not giving enought power to the card anymore?.

edit: even if i use msi after burner and pump the fan speed to 100 or something it will still happen so it's not overheat.

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  1. Try using the GPU on another PC. Also try another Power Supply on your PC. Easier way to detect what's defective.
  2. I do not have another pc lol i have a really old dell but the gpu would not fit or even work.
  3. If that's an idle temperature it's high. Mine playing Binding of Isaac, which uses almost nothing of GPU shows 41c.
  4. No thats right after it crashed playing hitman absolutism you can see the high usage then the sudden drop.
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