Hardware damaged?

I was installing amazon music importer today (with google chrome and several other programs open) and it had to update adobe air before it would complete. Then I started to try and use it and my screen froze, briefly went black, and then I had a message that the graphics card had been restarted (or restored?) Now I have periodic rainbow artifacts (lines, or with fuzzy boxes like an old tv with no input signal) and I'm just wondering if I have permanent damage or if there's anything I can do to reset anything?

I've posted a screenshot of my start menu that shows the background containing these artifacts. Also another photo where you can see little black boxes and little gray boxes (like the tv set with no signal) at the top. Another photo shows the pronounced rainbow lines on the title bar of an Internet explorer window.

My computer has an AMD CPU with graphics card onboard - AMD Radeon HD 6530D.

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  1. My suggestion would be to reboot - if this is still happening, check your video driver settings. You might need to reinstall the driver to correct the problem.
  2. That took care of it. Thanks much for your help.
  3. adobe was probably doing something to your driver to make it compatible, starting beforehand probably stopped the changes it was making, thus making the driver screw up because it wasn't complete.

    I would reinstall the drivers.
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