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Why is my wireless internet connection so intermittent? Frequently in the evening, I need to do settings change in my router otherwise, I will have get the poorest of poor speed.Why is wireless connection so unreliable? Why can't it be stable and reliable like wired connection???? :hello:
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  1. What kind of hardware are you using?
  2. I've a DSL modem and a Belkin N300 wireless router.
  3. What about your pc/laptop's wireless adapter?
    what kind do you have?
    When you're connected, is your signal strength strong?
    Your router is wireless N which means you should be able to attain up to 300Mbps at a reasonable distance. As long as your wireless adapter is also Wireless N.
  4. If I have a laptop computer with inbuilt WLAN card, then why would I need a wireless adapter? In the evening, I get only 1Mbps wherein I am supposed to get 10Mbps........................Wired connection is just fine...........
  5. Your WLAN card is your adapter. What is it? All wireless adapters/cards are rated by the 802.11 standard. Each standard (a, b, g, n) can attain a certain speed. If your card is an older model it's speed may be limited by the hardware. If it is newer, you may just have bad reception in your room.
    If you move your laptop closer to the router does the speed get any better or is it still slow?
  6. In the evening you have issues, when all the neighbors are home, using cordless phones, microwaves, their own wireless routers, etc...

    You also probably see more traffic going to work and back than you do on Saturday at 3 am also.

    Try changing the WiFi channel, see if any of them get you a better speed.
  7. I tried switching in between 6 and 11 but hardly that makes a different. Now, I'm constrained to think is it my router which is the accused? Or is this the time to get a new one?

    I might try a whole new technology, which I came across. Its a wireless touch screen router made by Securifi, called Almond. It has 2.8" LCD screen. I'm definitely gonna try this coming month after I get my salary..................he he......
  8. The channel your router is transmitting at may cause some fluctuation if it is being overlapped by another router or wifi device. For something like that to happen though you would have to be pretty close to it (like a few feet). You can easily check that by using software (like network stumbler). But you would need to change channel often because most routers change channel (when set to auto) each time they restart.
    Before you make your new router selection, check this out:
    It should be helpful!
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