Msi gf615m-p31 mother board issues with dual video

How are you i have a question for the community. I have the MSI GF615m-P31 motherboard in a system and i am trying to add a dual out video card (One VGA and one DVI) I have had success in the past but i am trying to add a card onto this board and i know the video card is healthy, i have tested it on another pc. It is a pci-e card and i am just not able to get any display ever with this card/port. I have gone into BIOS and changed primary to PCI-E as opposed to onbaord. Still nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions
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  1. What's the card? What about your psu model? Give us you specific psu model. It probably doesn't have enough power to run the card (I'm assuming only).
  2. ok the card is a low end card with no suppliment power required. The video card is MSI nx7100gs-TD128E adn i am attempting to install on a standard MSI motherboard and an asrock (A785GM-LE)
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