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Amd 7000's starting to be discontinued or ...

Asus Hd7950
Asus Hd7970
Asus 7970 Matrix :fou:

PowerColor 7970
PowerColor AX7950
PowerColor Pcs+ 7950

Does this mean the 8000's are coming soon?Are they not selling, or some other reason?
let the speculation begin! :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
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  1. Well it would be the first time a company discontinues a line before launching the new one...
  2. faulty? the reviews mostly seem normal.
    maybe we will see a V2?
  3. You typoed that model by the way, 7979 :-)
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    Newegg does this all the time what they do is they show it as discontinued because it is out of stock and are probably tired of people trying to inquire about it. I had a headset I wanted and I had pre ordered it was the Tiamat 2.2 and when the day came for the headset to come out I didn't receive the headset instead I got the message that it was out of stock. So I wrote a message to them saying hey if you say you have a item and you pre order it and you don't receive it what is the worth of pre ordering it and around that same time I started seeing them use discontinued as a way of showing in my mind that they weren't going to have you rain check for a item and have it not be available within a reasonable time frame.
  5. I can assure you the Asus cards are not discontinued. It would be stupid for them to do that.
  6. 1. They don't make reference models
    2. That ASUS 7950 has had issues
    3. The Matrix is regularly hard to find, being an ultra premium card
  7. sam_p_lay said:
    Well it would be the first time a company discontinues a line before launching the new one...

    i think nvidia did that to their 200 seires when the 400 series came late to the market. back then people expecting the price of 200 series will drop because 200 series were limited to dx10 while the amd 5k series the only cards with dx11 capabilities. if i'm not mistaken nvidia say they did no such thing (EOLing the 200 series) but back then the 200 series are always out of stock and that keep the price high even if it 200 series can't really compete with 5k series.
  8. This is something like I said newegg does all the time. They either stop keeping the item in stock or they keep a limited quantity. Either way I think you are safe I'm sure you can find the card elsewhere.
  9. Right but if you can't find it on newegg you can find it on amazon if you cant find it on amazon you can find it on ncix if you can't find it there you can find it somewhere else :P
  10. Oh man you are dedicated! haha! well hey you got the product right quitting is for the weak :)
  11. It probably still can under water :)
  12. Indeed its fast enough man give it a rest haha!
  13. If you were struggling to find ANY 7970s or ANY 7950s, you would have had a point. But this is just the usual. Any single retailer or etailer will be unable to stock all the varieties of each graphics card. They can't afford to have so many different things collecting dust.
  14. To right you are imagine when cards change series how many cards are just left on the shelves gasps!
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