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Hi, I got a Averatec all-in-one for free today and it has the artifact problem with the video card, I don't know what model it is what what video card all I know is that it is a NV G86 I think and I heard those fail but can be fixed. I have both, nothing better to do with my time then fix the card and it is the best computer I have as of now (I have a lot of single core computers) so I would like to get it working but I don't know how to cook the card (I would use a neat gun) I know the specs are a 2.50GHz Core 2 Duo (I think like E5700 or something) and 2GB DDR2. I'm glad it's not one of the Atom ones though. If I can't cook it, were might I get a working one that will work and not to expensive otherwise I'd just buy a desktop part. -Thanks
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  1. I have personally baked an 8800gt, it only lasted about 6 months. A 8800gts it still works 2 years later, and a 8800gtx. That card still works 2 years later. I had so much fun doing it that a made a video. Check it out.
  2. would it be harder, easier or safer with a heat gun?
  3. Side note. Make sure your card has all metal capacitors. I tried to bake a older ati card with plastic caps and they all popped and filled my house with a wonderful smelling fog.
  4. what if i don't have any thermal paste after I bake the card?
  5. Um, buy some.
  6. your going to need thermal paist to put the card back together. You can get some cheap at best buy or ebay, or

    If your skilled with a heat gun that is the better way to reflow the joints and fix the card. If you have never done it before just throw it in the oven and count it as a miracle if it works.
  7. Before I bake the card could I use integrated graphics or is the all in one stupid that way and wont work?
  8. Success! I cooked the card and no artifacts!
  9. Congrats :) My old 8800GTX was at least thrice-baked.
  10. Tried baking what appeared to be a dead Ati Radeon 2600 graphics card from a Mac Pro and it worked, so far. For anyone with a gas oven I used gas mark 7 for 7 mins, turned off oven (fan assisted) and left it for 30 mins. Put heatsink/ fan back on with silicone grease between and so far so good.
  11. You could if you want to feel smart you could get a reballing kit and a stencil for that gpu, use silver tin alloy solder balls of the correct specs then reflow only once. The older lead tin solder often cracks when allowed to get fairly hot then cool to room temp. Great the difference between full load and room temp greater the stress on the joints will be once it cools.
  12. uh oh, the day after the card is getting artifacts again, not as much though, I may have not cooked it at the right temp 200 for 10 min
  13. 215c with preheat then allow for gradual cooling (about half an hour) with the door open and oven off.
  14. I'll give it another go tonight I guess
  15. Only bake it for about 10min and that is to allow the joints to reflow but not meltdown.
  16. should I have the core face up or down?
  17. I did 385F for 8-10 minutes.
  18. Well it's a pain to open the thing let alone closing it, so I hope second times the charm and it will stay fixed.
  19. Face up just like in the videos
  20. Now I just have to hope that it says fixed, and I need to delete the password for the only user account because I don't know if the Vista drivers work with 7
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    Like i said i cooked 3 of them. 390 for 10 minutes with convection on.
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