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Move Windows 8 from HDD to SSD

My sister brought a Sony Laptop with Windows 7 HP 64 bit and now upgrade to Windows 8 on December.
Now she want to upgrade her HDD to SSD. Please tell me the procedure to move the os to SSD.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. its easier to re install the os onto the new ssd
  2. Or if you would like to do as you asked here is a guide for doing so
  3. Or if you would like to do as you asked here is a guide for doing so
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    From Link above:
    When installing a new SSD in your PC that's to be home to your OS install, we highly recommend going for a full reformat and reinstall -- chances are your PC is cluttered up with bloatware already and could benefit from a clean, tight install.
    End quote.

    And I do NOT recommend the method indicated Cloning - a 1 for one sector copy.
    Windows install does a couple of things for SSDs
    1) It algins te partition. If partition is NOT algined: A) performance will suffer and B) the SSD may die a premature death.
    2) Trim is auto enabled. Cloning does not.
    3) I HDD OS was installed using IDE MUST first fix. SSDs do NOT like driver = pcide. what they want is either msahci or Better yet, if an intel chipset the intel driver ie iaSTor.

    I NEVER recommend Cloning a HDD -> a SSD. If you must transfer from a HDD -> SSD use a migration application. The two that I use are (PS they do NOT require resizing C: drive to the size of the SSD):
    A) EasyUS - a free program for home use.
    B) My prefered software is Ez-Gig-IV. While the software is free, it requires a specific Sata->USB adaptor

    Ez-Gig: $19 (got mine free with a SSD):
    EasyUS - Did not see "free Version" just the trial version which is good for 15 days - OK since one time deal for 1 hour use.

    Before Cloning, using migration, or NEW install:
    Verify settings in Bios for HDD. You want AHCI!!!
    If IDE, and selecting Clone (NOT recommended) or Migration. Must fix FIRST - Can do afterwards but prefer fix first.
    Select either "Fix it for me" or Let me fix it.
    In let me fix it remmber FIRST do the Fix then Change bios to ahci whe you reboot!
  5. ADDED:
    After SSD is set up and you have checked it out (say for a week).
    Unless you love re-installing windows, waiting for upteen thousand updates (win 8 not so many currently), reloading drivers, and reinstalling ALL programs.

    Windows 7 and windows 8 haVe a EXCELLENT backup utility that will create a Image of the SSD. For laptops recommend putting it on a External backup HDD. Can be placed on DVDs. Once completed you will be prompted to create a Bootable Repair DVD.
    To reinstall windows - 10 to 15 miutes and you can reboot to windows EXACTLY as it was when the image was created. NO Re-install OS, NO windows updates No reload drivers, NO reload al Programs. Just Pop in DVD, select repair then repir using image.
    Exception will need to let windows down load any updates completed after image was created, any NEW drivers/updates and any programs installed after image was created.

    SIMPLE - for Win 7, just go to control panel and select backup then on left side select create system image.
    Wins 8 would have been as SIMPLE, except MS buried the utility just as simple as soon as you find it _LOL).
    To find it in windows 8:
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