Cocast modem and netgear router on laptop bought new machine

Hello, i hav a laptop conecteted to the internet with comcast service and a netgear wireless router that works fine. but bought a desktop and when i hook it to the router i get no internet. im running windows 7 ultimate on both machines. i am gettin a thing saying unidentified network in my network settings and i called comcast whent through resetting the modem and router with them and nothing then they tell me i have to pay them to run another machine of of my router this is ridiculas i have the machine pluged into the port on the router with anethernet cable everything is hooked up right i know this im pretty computer savy as ive built many machines in the past and never had this problem anny help would be greatly appreciated thanks art
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  1. You should be able to change your computer network settings to obtain an IP address -- go into your network settings control panel, change adapter settings, select Internet Protocol v4 and double left click, set it to obtain network address automatically and DNS automatically. Then you may need to open the command prompt window and type ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew.
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