Whenever I open a game and begin playing I hear a buzzing noise. Help?

So I've recently upgraded my pre-built PC with an MSI Radeon HD 7850 Twin Frozr III video card and a Silverstone Strider Plus 500w power supply, and whenever I open a game and start playing I get this buzzing noise coming from my headphones. Also, the buzzing noise seems to correspond with my fps. Like when I get 100 fps the sound is much higher than when I am getting 30

Does anybody have a previous experience with this? Is it my video card?
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  1. what was your old power supply? big enough to run the card? try it. it may be coil wine...... some power supplies cause this, some don't. try the old one. let us know what happens.
  2. coil wine.
  3. I have the same issue. It's like whenever my computer starts "processing" anything it starts to have static noise. A game, browser, etc. I just bought a nice pair of headphones and it's hard to enjoy them with this issue. This is when I plug into the headphone jack on the front of the case. However, when I plug into the motherboard's green audio jack in the back, I don't have any static. The odd thing is that my headphones do not pick up on the sound unless I am first plugged into the front jack, unplug and move to the back jack. I tried both the HD and AC'97 connectors for my front headphone jack. They both have distinctly different static sounds.

    I can have the Pandora One desktop app open and listen to music, pause and no static. It's only if the computer is working hard it seems. The AC'97 sounded like a cross between a hard drive seeking and a modem connecting. The HD sound is like a buzzing static of varying levels.

    Any help would be awesome. Let me know if you need more information.
  4. Actually, now I am hearing it in the green jack in back. Less noticeable but definitely there.
  5. swifty_morgan said:
    what was your old power supply? big enough to run the card? try it. it may be coil wine...... some power supplies cause this, some don't. try the old one. let us know what happens.

    The old power supply is unfortunately 300w. Does coil whine come from the speakers? If it does then that's probably it. I've been reading that on other posts.
  6. If its coming from the speakers it might be interference somewhere. I had this problem with an old pair of speakers and a CRT.
  7. yeah it's definitely interference if you are hearing it from speakers/headphones. Coil whine would be audible to the 'naked ear' since the coils actually vibrate and make the noise themselves.
    I would start troubleshooting it by just making sure all power connections are firmly connected and the system is properly (safety) grounded.
  8. I used a cardboard tube from a roll of papertowels and probed my case trying to isolate any noisy sounding components. Two things stood out to me. The CPU fan, and the PSU. The PSU seemed more high-pitched. I was reading that when FPS goes up the coil whine gets noisier. FPS is the graphics card though... why would I hear the PSU more if FPS was higher? GPU is drawing more juice from PSU and therefore making it noisier?

    I have a 950w PSU I don't do any OCing. My PSU is a crappy brand though. I bought it cheap.

    I think I will replace my PSU and CPU fan. The headphone jack on my case might be crap too? Maybe I could get a different one for one of my front component slots.

    For what it's worth I have read about people dissassembling their computers and putting them back together, sometimes that cleans up any vibration/feedback.
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