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Need Help with graphics Crash using igpu and gpu

January 17, 2013 10:14:01 PM

Just built a new system. Built a mini in a Lian-Li PC-Q08 box. Here are the components;

Motherboard-- Asus P8H77-I mini-ITX
CPU-- Intel i5 3470
Ram-- 16GB 1600 Mhz (2x8GB) Patriot memory modules
PSU-- Corsair CX 600 Builder Series
HDD-- Toshiba 500GB Sata 3
SSD-- OCZ Vertex 4 64GB (cache for Intel Smart Response Tech)
DVD-- LG Blu-Ray Combo Drive
GPU-- Gigabyte GTX 670
Op Sys-- Windows 7 Pro 64bit

Problem: With the GTX 670 installed, I get frequent crashes (some soft where the screen refreshes and a message appears saying the video driver stopped responding and recovered). Sometimes it's a hard crash and have to Reset to start up the system again.
Now at first I figured the gtx 670 was bad and installed it in another proven reliable system currently running a gtx 460 and Windows XP Pro. It had no issues--gaming for awhile with no crashes. Currently, I have removed the gtx 670 from the mini box and running off Intel's HD 2500 graphics. No crashing. So, I have to assume it is BIOS setting? or issue with iGPU trying to run in sync with the dedicated gpu? Maybe I need some updated driver from Intel to have both Ivy Bridge HD graphics and dedicated graphics? This is my first experience using Windows 7 and ssd caching and Intel HD Graphics combined with dedicated and Ivy Bridge. Anyone know what's happening?