Display Driver Issues with Radeon 6850

So this is the deal:

I started getting a message saying "AMD Display Driver Needed to be Reset"

So I thought "no biggie", but then when I booted into Windows I just got a black screen with an occasional flash before. The system works fine under safe mode and works fine once I delete all of AMDs drivers. However once I install the AMD Display driver the problem persists. Even when going under Catalyst install and checking every box but "AMD Display Driver" the computer works fine. So I decided to do a fresh clean install of Windows and the problem seemed fix. However after two days the problem is here yet again with the same symptoms.

What exactly is going on?


Windows 7 64-Bit
AMD Radeon 6850
Intel i55 2500k
2x4GB of RAM (8 total)
120GB OCZ Agility 3
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  1. Are you downloading the video card drivers from AMD ? The reason why I ask I have a 6850 w7 64 and never had a problem even running a SSD drive for my OS. If you are what release version ?
  2. Try installing the beta drivers or the old drivers. Sometimes they release a driver that is not compatible with your configuration. Had this happened to me twice and all I did was install the beta drives.
  3. I tried with every driver version and it still does the same thing. Also yes I'm using AMD's site for drivers.
  4. So I did a fresh install of Windows 7. After turning Windows Update off and only installing the essential drivers for my motherboard (USB3 and LAN) I install the newest, just came out today, drivers from AMDs site. What happens? The EXACT same thing. This is ridiculous.

    Could this be hardware related?
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