All DirectX 11 Games Crash.

I've been looking for a solution to this for a really long time and can't seem to find one. Every game I play that has DirectX 11 crashes, sometimes at the loading screen, sometimes after and hour of playing. It's always completely random.

I have an ASUS ENGTX460 Top 768MB Graphics Card.

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit with a Core2Duo 2.67, Overclocked to 3.25

Games I've tried with DirectX 11:
Dragon Age 2
Metro 2033
Far Cry 3
Assassin's Creed 3
Hitman Absolution

Now some games give you an option to play in different DirectX modes, so it's not a huge of a deal. If I play Dragon Age or Far Cry 3 or Metro 2033 in DirectX 9 mode, they all run flawlessly. They absolutely never crash. Newer games however aren't giving you an option anymore which really sucks, cause I bought Assassin's Creed 3 and now Hitman Absolution and can't play either one because of the constant crashing.

Sometimes I get a message of some kind, sometimes the thing pops up on the bottom of my desktop that says the driver has stopped responding and has been recovered, and sometimes it just freezes up and then minimizes and I can't maximize it.

Things I've already tried:

1.Setting Graphics card and CPU to factory settings.
3.Raising/Lowering voltage to GPU
4.At least a dozen different drivers ranging from very old to the very latest. I've tried both official and modded driver sets.
5.Disabling extra HDMI entry in the device manager.
6.Completely formatted and reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch MULTIPLE times.

This isn't a heat issue. My case is well cooled and I've never seen temps on the card or my CPU go over 58 C under a full load.

I'm all out of ideas and can't find anything else to try. Do I just have a defective card? Like I said, anything other than DirectX 11 and it performs flawlessly and even in DirectX 11 games, they perform flawlessly until they crash. Great framerates, no artifacting, just sudden crashes for no reason.

Any ideas out there?
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  1. I see you've tried playing with graphics drivers; have you also tried playing with sound drivers?
  2. DarkSable said:
    I see you've tried playing with graphics drivers; have you also tried playing with sound drivers?

    Absolutely. I've made sure sound card drivers are up to date. I've also tried with a sound card and removed the sound card and tried with just the on board audio on the motherboard.
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