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HELLO! I have been having a problem with my GPUs that day I fixed a BSOD problem. To fix the blue screen problem, I uninstalled my 7730M card, and re-installed it with the latest drivers which fixed it. Although doing that in the process made my 7520G card, the integrated one the default. As the 7730M was the actual default card. Even though it's the dedicated. Now, I did a full factory reset, but the problem persists. The 7520G card is on top of the 7730M, and the catalyst control center won't actually change my card to the high performance one, no matter if I tell it to change to it in specific games. Please help! :)
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  2. Another bump.....someone please help! ^_^
  3. 1) Don't bump. It's against Forum rules.
    2) When you say you re-installed the latest drivers, did you use drivers from AMD or from your laptop manufacturer?

    -Wolf sends
  4. AMD.
  5. Therein (probably) lies the problem. Laptop manufacturers often modify the standard graphics that AMD provides to suite their own platforms. Often drivers from AMD are not compatible with retail laptops. For this reason, AMD often posts on their driver page to try using the laptop manufacturer supplied drivers. I'd recommend falling back to those drivers regardless of how old they are. Such is the joy of laptop ownership.


    -Wolf sends
  6. So, um, how do I fall back to those drivers?

    EDIT: I think I don't have my old drivers, I used driversweeper, and when installing my new drivers, I also did uninstall. So like two cleanups or something. I'm not sure though, but maybe the drivers went with them cleans?
  7. More than likely, the drivers are gone. You should be able to download then from your laptop's manufacturer's web page.

    -Wolf sends
  8. But it only shows me one drivers link, and that's the one I installed.
  9. Again, such is the life of a laptop user. Often, laptop manufacturers will create a set of drivers to support their specific version of a graphics card and then abandon and additional development. You're stuck with a laptop with 2-3 year old drivers. I know. I'm there myself.

    When you first encountered the problem, you stated you uninstalled the drivers for the 7730m card. What process did you use to uninstall those drivers and did you follow that same procedure before installing the ones downloaded from your laptop manufacturer's web site?

    -Wolf sends
  10. what I did was uninstall the drivers for the 7730M card, I don't exactly remember if I rebooted or not. But then just installed drivers from the AMD website at that time. The HP drivers link wasn't working for me at that time. Oh, and when I did that, it wasn't anything to do with GPU problems. I had a BSOD problem.
  11. What is sounds like to me is that there was something that occurred to corrupt your graphic card drivers and this is what started causing the BSODs. I would think that a clean sweep of your currently installed drivers, plus a re-install of the drivers from your laptop manufacturer would resolve this issue.

    -Wolf sends
  12. That's what I've done lately. And just an update, not sure if I said this. But right now I have two games installed. Street Fighter IV and The Sims 3. The Sims, is still slow, the same as before, and I don't know how to check what GPU its using. Even though it's most likely the integrated one. Street Fighter IV though, has a benchmark or something like that option, and it showed that it's using the 7730M. And it was going smoothly, no lag and the highest settings possible. Are there any programs, that shows me which GPU is being used by a game? Thanks for your help so far as well! :)

    UPDATE: For some reason, it started using the 7520G card instead. So, I tried another factory reset, nothing changed, uninstalled drivers, cleaned with driver sweeper, open AMD driver install, chose uninstall, then installed the drivers. STILL nothing.
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