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Hello there, yesterday it was my birthday and I am deciding to use the money I got to upgrade the parts on my computer. I had bought prior to this in the summer a Gateway DX4870-UB21P:

I am looking at graphics cards because my computer is currently without one. I currently have Intel 2320 (90% sure its a sandy bridge) with integrated graphics and looking to upgrade my computer. I am aware I will also have to upgrade my power supply and also get a new fan as well. I am hoping someone could assist me in finding a graphics card compatible with the computer I have. I am looking for a graphics card under $170 but above $100.

I was wondering if you can check if these products are compatible.

Graphics Card :

Power supply:


Any help would be fantastic and greatly appreciated!
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  1. Hi. You don't need an aftermarket cooler and I'm not sure if it will fit within that case. If you want a PSU with modular cabling from Newegg, I recommend the Rosewill Hive 550W for $50 after rebate. With the money you save you should get the GTX 660 from Zotac for $195 after rebate since it's one of the shortest and I think worth the extra $35.

    Rosewill HIVE Series HIVE-550 550W

    ZOTAC ZT-60901-10M GeForce GTX 660 2GB
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