modem - switch - wireless router will it work?

I am in a rental house...the whole house is wired for phone, data and cable (each room has a wall jack). In the basement, the COMCAST comes in to the modem, I want to go to a switch, then to the the basement wall jack, and upstairs to the wireless modem (via ths study wall jack). My desktop comes off one of the ports of the wireless router (Cisco WRT110). Will this work or will I have IP address issues? I am looking at a switch, because I have a CISCO BEFSR81 8 port router, but I cannot get it hooked up without losing internet to one of the computers. Any ideas?
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  1. I would connect modem to router, which will do the network DHCP service, then to switch and up to wireless modem upstairs with DHCP disabled (so it acts just as a wireless access point) unless for some reason you need to run a different subnet. If you go this way, the wireless AP upstairs needs to have an address in the network but outside the dhcp assignment range. For example if gateway router is, make upstairs AP and allow the router DHCP to assign to .254.
  2. Thanks...I am trying it today!
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