2GB Vram or 4GB for gaming?

I'm new to building PC's and I'm still not quite sure what the best option for some parts are. I'm building a gaming PC and I'm stuck on the graphics card.

I'm getting a GTX 670 but I'm not sure which one.

I will also be using the Intel i5-3570k with 8GB Ram.

They're both basically the same except one has 4GB Vram, one has 2GB. Will the 4GB model perform significantly better than the 2GB model? I plan on gaming a lot once I'm finished, (Skyrim, Crysis, BF3, Planetside 2), and I'm not sure which is the better choice for me. I want to mod Skyrim's graphics and I heard that it can take up to 3GB vram to run modded Skyrim. What do you think?

I'm leaning more towards the 2GB model unless the 4GB one is significantly better.

Thanks guys.
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  1. BigMack70 said:
    2GB. Zero benefit has been shown to 4GB on a 670 or 680... it's just not a fast enough card to play the settings where you would need that much vram.

    A 2GB 670 is fine for everything out there including modded skyrim.

    I guess it's settled then. Thanks.
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  3. I would only really suggest a higher amount of ram if you felt like you can utilize it. It won't give you a higher performance boast but it may give you more ram to draw from if you can use it. There are games that use the ram like skyrim or if you modded out another game similar but for most 2 gigabytes is the sweet spot. But I do agree with Mack. It would take some heavy modding to go past 2 gigabytes I'm sure.
  4. Hmm that is very interesting so the argument is kind of void then? Well I guess the only argument at that point is that AMD cards do perform better with Skyrim frame wise.
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