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I'll be getting a new desktop in 2 weeks. I have been non-stop researching so many different desktops and components for the past 2-3 weeks.

I'm finally close on the decision on what to get.

I am possibly planning on purchasing this:

and adding this:

or this:

The desktop comes with 500w of PSUand a Intel B75 Motherboard from my research. All together I'd be under $1100 which is awesome! (I have amazon prime too, and yes I've looked at several different sites and computers) However, I've seen from a review and a few places around the web that the GTX 660 will not work with this computer for some reason!?

So I have several questions I could ask including just help finding the right computer for me, but I'll try and keep it short unless the answer is what I fear then I might ask for help finding me a computer :).

Is the GTX 660 or any card compatible with this computer?

If it doesn't I hope it's fine asking for help finding the right computer.


Also, besides the review on amazon, here's another place where I've seen this problem mentioned:
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  1. For $1000 you can build a much better computer if you build it yourself.
  2. I've never built a computer myself, but I hear this alot lol. I'm good with alot of the specs and much better with the hardware now (and been good with software), but never built one and I would definitely like help with this bis of an investment. I've never had my own personal computer, only shared run-down family ones. I'm 21 and it would be very ncie to have my own computer for school and for gaming and whatever the future holds. It'll also be running from hdmi to my 32" tv. Also, this is like near perfect for what I've been looking for. Processor, RAM, HDD, PSU, all of it is good and for not too bad of a price. I'd just replace GCard with one listed above, but it seems it may not work? And it's under $1100 if it will work, which is great! I could probably go up to $1200, but that has to include any shipping, tax, extended warranties, and possibly instillation for new parts (as I will try and install this GCard myself, but PSU, Processor, etc. I don't know if I'd be comfortable with it and this investment) Hard to find a computer with everything good in it, and what isn't good I can replace and keep it at a good price!
  3. If you go this route, which I do not suggest, you will need a new PSU, because the included one likely doesn't have the required connectors for a new GPU. I don't even think a 660 will fit in the case without removing the HDD caddy.

    Plus an i7 is not any better than an i5 for gaming. That's a waste of money.
    12gb RAM is overkill also. 8gb is more than enough for gaming.
  4. I found this which has helped a good amount. I've also been using other sources, but this is nice:

    I know 8-12 is really sufficient. More is incredible, but 12 would be nice. Processor, I've almost gone with an 8-core AMD, but really it seems intel is best. I was told AMD 8-core is fine for gaming and using for everything I will. But it'll be really nice to have my computer finally be reasonably decked out. Don't need 32gb ram or GTX 690, but to be able to get higher end and to not have to upgrade for a few years would be nice. Sure I'm ok with running high end games at medium quality, but it would be nice to max it all out in a way, especially with this investment.

    I've also looked into many ASUS computers and HP's (especially the ENVY), but it would require a good amount of money up front and I'd need to replace Gcard and PSU. Also, was highly recommended to this, but it just sold out and is no longer carried.
  5. You will not no difference at all between 68gb and 12gb RAM in gaming. None at all.

    You can easily max any game with your budget if you build yourself.
  6. I've also looked into many ASUS computers and HP's (especially the ENVY), but it would require a good amount of money up front and I'd need to replace Gcard and PSU. Also, was highly recommended to this, but it just sold out and is no longer carried.

    I can't really build myself, I mean I could try but really don't know what to do and wouldn't want to mess it up. Thats why I'd prefer if I do go pre-built to have to replace less parts. Otherwise I'll be paying alot just to have assistance in replacing the components.

    And there may not be a big difference now, but having that nice feature of high ram, fast processor, etc. Thats nice to have for now, and I shouldn't have to worry about upgrading it in the future. Also I'd know for sure i'd be able to run at max/high quality.
  7. Its stupid easy to build it yourself. If you switch the PSU in a prebuilt, you have already done the hardest part of building a computer anyway.

    Games have little to do with RAM and CPU. about 85-90% of the gaming work is done by the GPU. You can max games with an i3 and 4gb RAM if you have a good GPU

    The gtx660 will game on high-ish. Not MAX. for max settings you are looking at a gtx660ti or an hd7950.
  8. What about web design and photoshop though? I'm not sure I'll being doing this, but it is a possibility. What is the huge ram and processor for then? I know the ram is fine at 8-12, once you're higher you don't see much of a difference unless you're running a website server or using running multiple things off of it like a lightshow an example my friend gave me. And I've opened a computer up before and looked around, I believe i could switch out a GPU, but I haven't completely done that before. PSU never done before. I've never built before, I know you keep saying this, and maybe I will. But I need more assistance then just saying build it. And maybe it will run at max, but wouldn't fps be very iffy, low, or jumpy? I've felt fine going with more what I need now, but I feel like maybe I should have it all higher end? Wouldn't it improve performance for everything?

    And thanks for your help by the way! Just really unsure of what to do, and its been weeks of trying to find what to get, and I can't mess up because this is savings I'm using and I don't have this money available constantly. I'm just being told so many different things by different people and sources. If i did go low end with smaller ram and i5, ive got to see some sort of decrease in performance in gaming, software, the web, etc compared to higher counterparts? I just don't know what the best of the best is even for then? Obviously huge stuff for like servers, huge multitasking, etc. but still. And what if by next year I do need more RAM or a higher CPU to be able to game or do thigns I need done, maybe like photoshop, I'd kind of rather have it now and enjoy the extra performance for everything else. I know $1200 isn't alot but it is alot at the same time, just very complicated in getting my computer. -_-
  9. The gtx 660 will not run at max. High mostly yes. Max no. You will need to replace the PSU.

    For gaming you will see no difference at all between an i5 and the i7. The same goes for 8gb and anymore than 8gb RAM. Even 64gb RAM will show no difference over 8gb.

    Here is an amazing video to help you build:
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