Whats the difference between these 2 cards(ASUS GTX 550ti

Whats the difference between these cards? I want to run 2 gpus. Both claim they are ASUS GTX 550 ti.
http://www.hexcs.com/products-2/graphic-cards/asus-nvidia-geforce-gtx550-ti/ <My current gpu.

http://www.extremetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/ASUS_ENGTX550_Ti_DirectCU_TOP-DI-1GD5_PCIe_view_2.jpg < The other that says its the same card.

My motherboard is an ASUS P5e-SLI so I know it will be able to run two cards no problem. I will be getting a 1000 watt power supply shortly. Only have a 630 watt one right now thats not 80+ certified. Thanks for the info and always appreciate the help.
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  1. yeah they are both 550ti's
  2. So as long as they are both 550 ti's it shouldnt be a problem? I am thinking they are all the same but ASUS just overclocked each card a little more. There is a 3rd one clocked at 975mhz. The 3 cards all have different clock speeds. I can clock them all the same i bet tho.
  3. Just looking up the specs on a 550Ti. There is only a listing for the one. It operates at 900MHz (core). So yes, Asus has some models OC'd a bit.

    I also see the 550Ti is rated at 691 gigaflops (graphical processing power). That is pretty weak. For example: a 650Ti is rated at 1420, which is more than double. And the GTX 680 is way up there at 3090 gigaflops. Considering the graphical power advantage a 650Ti has over a 550Ti, you may want to second guess going SLI. Especially when you consider a 650Ti isn't much more $ and uses 6 less watts (110 vs. 116).
  4. id go 650ti if they got that much more fps and they dont according to toms hardware charts. Also I already have 1 and another is only about $100. Got this one for $75. There are 3 listed ASUS site is a pita to find anything on. Was just trying to figure on which 550 ti i got if they would cooperate together or not but I appreciate the thought and idea to go to 650tis
  5. SLI would do good scaling wihtout a doubt but maybe with microstutter
  6. I read up on micro stutter. I dont understand it. Can someone explain it to me what it is?
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